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a not so holy week…

this is a late post, nevertheless let me just share it with you.

last last week, as the whole world celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I  together with some friends spent some time at dingalan, aurora, where the earth meets the water, sun, and sky.

its not bcoz we/i dont celebrate holyweek, its just that, for me holyweek can be done any time anywhere where i can have a personal time with Him (serving and praising Him) or at least do a reflection of myself.

so there, from munoz, nueva ecija to dingalan, aurora is a one and half ride using a single motor. good thing its not a ‘super’ rough road… whew!

a little rough road

aside from that, i really enjoyed the beautiful sceneries, specifically the flowing waters in the river, grassy mountains, valley of coconut trees, and bluish sea. i felt like, i was entering to another dimension leading to other countries like new zealand and hawaii (oops sorry, a little exagge of course, hehe).

road (not) taken

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palawan, again…

there is a saying among Palaweños that once you have come to their place you will come back for some ‘unknown’ reasons, they call it the ‘balik-balik’. wel, for a place like Palawan, who would never wanted to come back di ba?

so again, here’s my second trip to Palawan, particulary at Puerto Princesa City. the last time, i enjoyed the nature, this time i enjoyed the people.

i met Puerto Princesa’s Mayor Hagedorn, and infairnes to him, he welcomes visitors with warmth.this was during the socials night at the a&a hotel.

me, ate chona, and mayor

i also got the chance to have a picture with ms love añover of GMA7’s Unang Hirit and HappyLandia, who happens to be a tourist, like us,  dat tym.

ate chona, love, me, and mel

i also enjoyed a beautiful cultural performances presented by the beautiful people of Palawan.

wd the cultural performers

moreover, i met this young farmer of quezon, palawan during the aerobic rice conference, who is, i may say, very pretty and nice.


i tried the kilawen or sashimi version of Kalui’s resto, which is very very delicious.


and tried a baby crocodile meat at Kinabuchs bar and grill. a little spicy, but perfectly done.

croc meat ala bicol express

wat i really really wont forget was our visit to the Iwahig Prison and Penal Camp, where i got my INMATE/MEDUIM shirt, yeah i got one. thanks to some ilocano prisoners who were very glad to know that i am an ilocano too. hehe. unfortunately, i didnt have enough courage to ask wats their case, you know, it myt offend them.


i asked the inmates if can take a picture with them, but they refused. since baka daw makilala sila ng mga tao sa labas. however i can take pictures of them naman daw as long as they will not be recognized.

inmates going to their celdas

inside the prison camp is a resort wherein a flowing water is set to entice the visitors to dip.

a pool in the prison camp

unfortunately, i was not instructed to bring clothes for swimming that’s why me and some friends ended picturetaking nalang.

striking a pose

so there you have it. again, my palawan’s new experiences. taking home with me is a rainmaker (natives of Palawan created this believing that it can call rain to fall, and yes if you flip it, it sounds like a pouring rain), just in time for the el niño. 😉


GodBless everyone!

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last wednesday umakyat ako ng baguio to buy some gifts. grabe its really freezing cold up there. kung nagbabalak kang umakyat ngayong pasko sa baguio siguraduhin mong may kaakap ka dahil kung hindi baka manigas ka nalang sa kama mo at tuluyang di makabangon.

sa kabilang banda, nitong mga nakaraang linggo umiral na naman ang pagka magala ko. unang destinasyon:

ANG PANTABANGAN DAM – sinasabing isa ito sa pinakamalaking dam sa asya. kung kaya’t takot na takot na lamang ang mga residente sa bayan ng Pantabagan at karatig bayan nito noong ibinalitang kailangan magrelease ng tubig dito upang hindi ito umapaw noong kasagsagan ng bagyo.

parang billboard ng mga pulitiko... haha

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3 days in paradise…

serenity… nature… and very nice and friendly people…

Palawan is the place to be!

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no more tears…

after a long week of mourning and grieving, we finally got the chance to visit our lost friend in puguis, la trinidad, benguet. friday last week, we took the risk to go up the north. it took us 4hours to reach baguio from the usual 2 1/2 hours since we needed to take the detours in pangasinan.


i can’t sleep during that time, as if my emotions were lingered with so much worries. as we passed through the narrow and winding road of marcos highway, with mud on its side that came from the mountains and some roadcuts, i still can’t help myself but to think of what happened to our dearest ate toni.

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pinagpapawisan (kahit naulan).


napapaisip na paano baka ma-op ako?

at gusto ko ng di sumipot.

ayan ang mga naramdaman ko nung hapon ng biyernes, setyembre 4, bago ko nakumbinsi ang sarili ko na kailangan kong tumuloy sa GEB sa Tivoli Garden.

dahil sa totoo lang PERSTYM ko talagang makipag meet sa mga taong sa mundo ng internet ko lang nakasasalamuha. dati kasi nawiwirduhan ako sa pakikipag eyeball, ang pananaw ko pa dati ang eyeball eh para lang sa mga naghahanap ng pag-ibig. pero sabi nga nila, di mo malalaman ang isang bagay hanggat di mo tinatry.

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life is sweet but life is sweeter with chocolates…

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weekend at Pangasinan

despite sa tumataas na bilang ng mga naapektuhan ng H1N1 virus at ang mapanganib na banta ng dengue tulad nalang ng sabi ni DOH Sec Duque: the health department has recorded 193 confirmed A(H1N1) cases in a month. He added that public must also be equally wary of any suspected dengue cases as this is deadlier than swine flu. eh tumuloy pa rin ako at ang pag-ibig ko na pumunta ng Pangasinan upang makapag mall sa SM City Rosales.

Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan

Brgy. Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan

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